Immerse yourself in audio stories of resilience created by primary students in South East Gippsland with sound and music created by Interactive Composition students from the Melbourne Conservatorium of music. Discover the magic of creating your own audio play with our Learning Resources for Upper Primary Students incorporating Writing, Drama and Recording.

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Maze EscapeNungurner Primary School Maze Escape
Mr Mard's Mutated PlantsNungurner Primary School Mr Mard's Mutated Plants
The GroulietpouNungurner Primary SchoolThe Groulietpou
TodayNungurner Primary School Today
2040Tambo Upper Primary School 2040
A New BeginningTambo Upper Primary School A New Beginning
Fungi DominationTambo Upper Primary School Fungi Domination
MythicsTambo Upper Primary School Mythics
Raina the Wish GranterTambo Upper Primary School Raina the Wish Granter
World War CarpTambo Upper Primary School World War Carp
The first Merdog of Dog JupiterBuchan Primary School The first Merdog of Dog Jupiter
The Revenge of Mr EggheadBuchan Primary School The Revenge of Mr Egghead