Presented by Arts Centre Melbourne,
in Collaboration with Artistic Associate Sophia Brous

Festival of the ecstatic

7 - 9 AUGUST, 2015

Supersense 2017 to be announced soon!



Supersense is a new festival exploring the ecstatic, extreme and sublime horizons of human experience, a hypersensory playground for the curious and bold.

For one weekend this August, Arts Centre Melbourne's stages, back rooms and hidden corners will be transformed into an immersive environment of rapture and collective transcendence. Curated by globetrotting performer Sophia Brous, in collaboration with the Asian Performing Arts Program, the festival foregrounds musical and artistic traditions exploring ecstatic experience and transformation from both at home and around the world.

From the euphoria of Eastern trance ceremonies to the frenzies of modern punk, free jazz, seminal techno and stroboscopic projection, Supersense invites audiences to feel the excitement and impact of ecstatic performance. Step into spaces of wonder, delirium, danger and joy, and prepare to be transformed.

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