What is Stories in the Wall?

A collaborative digital storytelling project between Arts Centre Melbourne and Victorian Primary and Secondary Schools.

How does it work?

In Term 3, 2017, Arts Centre Melbourne engaged playwrights Jessica Bellamy and Dan Giovannoni to make multiple visits to three selected Victorian Primary Schools – St Dominic's PS in Melton, St Dominic's PS in Broadmeadows and Westall PS in Clayton. During these visits they worked creatively with students to develop original ideas around the theme Take Flight. Children scripted their stories as radio plays, then performed and recorded them at The Channel - Arts Centre Melbourne's participation venue.

During the September-October 2017 school holidays, 18 Secondary Students from across Victoria worked with Arts Centre Melbourne's Creative Leaning team to write original music and create original sound design for the recordings. A composer was partnered with a sound designer and assigned a story. Composers were free to score the piece using whatever styles, instrumentation or techniques they thought appropriate, while the sound designers were encouraged to consider not just the timing of sound effects with the voice, but audio effects, stereo placement and movement, and volume changes to enhance the storytelling.

Stories in the Wall Listening Modules are installed in Arts Centre Melbourne foyers from 23 October to 12 November 2017 to coincide with Arts Centre Melbourne's presentation of Bambert's Book of Lost Stories.

How does my school get involved?

Email schools@artscentremelbourne.com.au.

Visit www.artscentremelbourne.com.au to explore our extensive schools, families and youth programming.


Writers and Performers:

St Dominic's Primary School, Melton: Archer Berry, Isabella Debrincat, Aguer Dut, Michael Nair, Adhol Kuet, Taylah Kelly, Jack Williams, Cara Reading Ava Turner, Joseph Di Guilio, William Gilford, Addison McKellar, Tra My Nguyen, Chhuakhai Kheuma, Indiana Fairless, Deng Koue-Majok, Lopeti Amato, Ajak Apieu, Tom Alderman, Seth Woodfield, Gitanshi Mohendru, Jack Morrow, William Berger, Abraham Laithang. Staff: Courtney Daly and Rhondda Hall

St Dominic's Primary School, Broadmeadows: Olivia Bertelli, Lydia Faranso, Luna Wardy, Anna Nguyen, David Trinh, Benyamin Benyamin, Gerhardt Schmidt, Jouny Salloum, Nicole Andrada, Renee Dugan, Sarah Sona, Sargon Khammoo, Martin Nguyen, Christena Nguyen, Andrina Odisho, Evelyn Botres, Giselle Caceras, Matilda Doyle, Alannah Gouvas, Christopher Hermiz, Maryam Shamuel, Bidush Sapkota, Benedict Vianzon, Karan Singh, Akos Brobbey Awaah. Staff: Gay Nicholls, Shannon Cobbin

Westall Primary School, Clayton: Esraa Alkaff, Kiriaki Antoniadou, Mithale Tauri, Kobi Joy Katu, Maruyah Tangata, Tristan Liong, Farhan Isa , Jumead Tereva, Jacob Papatua, Zion Nicholls, Surush Hamrah, Fatima Aleadani, Monika Ratcliffe, Rema Hamid, Viva Nguyen, Zaima Syed, Tareu Uka, Harley Best, Mezoo Alqahtani, Aditya Krishnan, Brandon Sing, Mohamed Asem, Arnav Rathore. Staff: Rorine Braganza


Lily Ward – Albert Park College, Lewis Odonnell - Albert Park College, Angelique Zhou – Camberwell Girls Grammar, Julian Valeri – Epping Secondary College, Lochlan Boyd – Swinburne College, Lachlan McKie – Victorian College of the Arts Secondary School, Sadie Mustoe – Yarra Valley Grammar, Lucy Zong – St Margaret's School

Sound Designers:

Victoria Xiao - Camberwell Girls Grammar, Aaron Raward - Epping Secondary College, Yebin Yang - St Margaret's School, George Saphekides - Epping Secondary College, Helen Liu - Camberwell Girls Grammar, Jayden Norman – Albert Park College, Ned Matin – Berwick Grammer, Callum O'Connor – Berwick Grammar

For Arts Centre Melbourne:

Project Manager – Joshua Cowie

Creative Learning Team – David Rogers, Amy Bennett, Joshua Cowie, Zoe Rinkel, Eva Popov and Rosalind Hall

Playwrights – Jessica Bellamy and Dan Giovannoni

Listening Module Artwork – Mattea Davies

Website – Ann Tran