LOL Squad

The 2016 LOL Squad were selected from the 2015 Class Clowns competition. Together with a range of professional mentors LOL Squad wrote, acted, filmed and edited original comedy sketches.

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Alex Lowes

Alex Lowes (circa. 1990s) is an aspiring film-maker and comedian.

His films have collectively culminated 100,000 views (99,999 of which are his grandma).


Alice Noonan

Fluent in the art of the nepali pan flute, Alice enjoys creating memes and has a passion for 90s boyband fashion.


Caleb Lindner

What Caleb doesn't know about musical comedy isn't worth knowing. Also he is good at bangers.


Ethan Cavanagh

Ethan was diagnosed as a stand-up comedian in early 2015. He likes opening a new tub of hair wax and using hashtags.


Hannah Arbuthnott

Hannah does comedy. Hannah likes comedy. Hannah is good at comedy. Comedy.


Harley Davidson

Harley is a dancer. Watch out for him popping up around Melbourne right when you least expect it.

Marie Claire

Marie Claire Ridgeway

The lady of 1000 characters. Who is she today? Your grandmother? Your cat? No-one knows.


Patrick Murphy

As a young child, Patrick was raised in the wild by giraffes. This resulted in an improved ability to reach high objects, however this has also resulted in Patrick adopting some odd character traits. Patrick continues to try and blend into society.


Will McKenna

Here you can see Will in his natural habitat. Look as he approaches the joke, and there they are, THERE THEY ARE, the laughs!

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