LOL Squad

LOL Squad 2017 involves a number of projects with a selection of participants from the 2015 and 2016 Class Clowns program.

Together with a range of professional mentors, including Anne Edmonds, Aunty Donna, Scott Brennan, Nelly Thomas, Wes Snelling and Amy Bennett, LOL SQUAD wrote, acted, filmed and edited original comedy sketches and performed 4 live shows at Arts Centre Melbourne during the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

Also returning were LOL Squad alumni to develop and film a comedy sketch pilot titled Modest Prodigies. This fabulous addition to the program also allowed a collaboration between some of the 2015 and 2016 national Class Clowns participants and 3 interstate young comedians were brought to Melbourne to film the pilot.

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Hannah DeBuhr

Hannah is capable of eating an entire pizza - on the proviso that someone else is paying. With a surname sounding like a non-aggressive burger (burger without the grr = de bur) she clearly has a deep and meaningful connection with food.


Sweeney Preston

Enjoys the occasional bubble bath and glsss of wine (or two!) after a long day.


Morgan Carter

She enjoys putting bends in bananas and hates daylight savings.

Mehad and Liilian

Mehad Al-Bijawi and Lillian Gonzalez

Mehad Al-Bijawi and Lilian Gonzalez are two young women who have a passion for political stand up comedy and have been involved in the International Comedy Festival for 3 years.


Tom Slocombe

Tom hasn't really done much with his life except for being funny. He's currently the number one highest search result for 'Tom Slocombe’.


Lauren Duong

Lauren has raised expectations nationwide and is desperately trying to push them back down again.

An award-winning comedian, her proudest achievement remains her victory against a particularly stubborn lid on a jar of chilli sauce.

Jack and Pat

Jack and Pat

Absolute polar opposites Jack and Pat manage to create a meta comedy duo that's sure to give your belly a tickle.


Gregg Andrews

Get out of his way cause he's gay! Kim Kardashian is his god and her selfie book is his bible, it's Gregg. He's nice, different and unusual.


Demetri Spyropoulos

When Demetri was born a thousand years ago he glimpsed the infinity of the universe, which resulted in his immediate demise and rebirth into the material plane, where he resides today.

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